Friday, January 23, 2009

4050 Studios

Hello again, true believers. I hope this finds everyone enjoying their 2009 and new president.

Just wanted to give everyone an update on what kind of trouble we're getting into these days as a fivesome.  With our new talent Chad Rogers and a bag of new songs, we decided some time ago to record our next album.  In order to have full control over how the final product turns out, we've decided to take advantage of our collective skills and do the recording ourselves (which conveniently fits into our limited budget).  After the jump take a look at some of the construction of the studio that is being erected just for this recording project...   

Let's call this set of Pictures "Phase 1."  Some of you may have been to the basement of 4050 Taft before (this Hibernaut actually lived there for about a year), so you may recognize the layout/paint job.

You can see here that the first thing we did was clean the basement studio.  We had to move all of our gear to the side in order to scrub the floor with acid and other industrial chemicals.  Please notice the painted walls, which was our last band project.

Stay tuned for "Phase 2." In the meantime, if you have extra money and would like to donate to this record, email me.  We're currently waiting in an ever-lengthening line for Obama Bailout Cash.

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